about mon bigeau 

A little about me…

I have been honing my sewing skills for over 50 years and have extensive experience with designing and Constructing clothing and accessories. I also specialized in alterations for both formal and casual wear.  When I decided to launch my company, I wanted to focus specifically on hand crafted bags and wallets.  Unlike large manufacturers who produce many items of the same style and materials, each of my bags are one of a kind. When you purchase one of my handcrafted items, you can be assured it is one of a kind and custom to you! Each style of my bag I offer has a unique name which makes it easier for my customers to identify the style of bag in which they are interested.


The bags listed on the website are available for immediate purchase; however, once that bag is sold another in the same materials will not be made. The same style will be available but its construction of materials will be different, making it for you.



Terry (Bigeau) Hibbert



While the French term “Mon Bigeau” is commonly translated to “my jewels”, it means so much more to me as Bigeau is my Maiden name. When I was searching for the right name for my company, I thought long and hard about what I value most and How I can translate that to my business. For me, the answer was easy-my two children are my “jewels”, and I want each and every bag I sell to be the “jewel” that adds the finishing touch to your personal style.

handcrafted cross body bags